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A Husband's Excel Spreadsheet Sex Diary

A sexually frustrated husband compiled in an Excel spreadsheet the excuses of his wife every time he asked to have sex with her.

The unnamed man documented the days he was refused by his wife.

His spreadsheet went like this:

The man emailed the spreadsheet to his wife before he went on a 10-day trip.

The wife who was shocked after reading the email repeatedly tried to call her husband but she was ignored.

So she decided to share the email through Reddit, a social networking website, that showed the spreadsheet.

In a report by Mail Online, an international news website, the woman was quoted saying she and her husband have been together for five years but married for two years.

She, however, said they do not have any child.

“Yesterday morning, while in a taxi on the way to the airport, husband sends a message to my work email which is connected to my phone. He’s never done this, we always communicate in person or by text. I open it up, and it’s a sarcastic diatribe basically saying he won’t miss me for the 10 days I’m gone. ‘Attached is a SPREADSHEET of all the times he has tried to initiate sex since June 1, with a column for my “excuses”, using verbatim quotes of why I didn’t feel like having sex at that very moment,” Mail Online, quoted the woman’s post in Reddit.

The spreadsheet has been taken down but already went viral and sent Netizens giggling.

Source: Inquirer.net

Rude Priest

A video upload by the mother of a 17-year-old single mom goes viral.

A captured video of a priest humiliating an un-weed woman on her child’s baptism last July 6, Sunday, goes viral after the un-weed woman’s mother uploaded it on her Facebook account right after the child’s baptism. The officiating priest was identified as Fr. Remeo Obach from the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer while the baptismal rites happened at the Sacred Heart Chaplaincy of the Redemptorist Church in Barangay Jagobiao, Mandaue City.

“Ayaw mo pagsunod sa hiwi nga binuhatan, nga mosugot lang mo nga modug sa lalaki nga di pa ninyo bana. Ingon ana ba diay ang atong pagtulon-an sa simbahan? Kaning bata, walay ni sala pero ang mga babae ug lalaki nga magdug nga wala pa sa kasal, maoy nagpuyo sa sala.” (Don’t follow wrong deeds, allowing yourself to sleep with a man who is not your husband. Is that what the church has taught you? This child did not sin, but the man and the woman who slept together unwed are the ones who are living in sin)

“Mapasa usab sa bata ang disgrasya. Hinaot pa nga dili kay naghappy-happy ug naglingaw-lingaw mo kay naay bata. O grasya ni pero nabuhat ni siya sa sala. Wala ni siya buhata sa…Naminyo ba ka, Day? (Girl shakes head) O, tan-awa, maayo ba ni siya nga Kristiyanos? Ipanghambog ba ta ni, Day? Nga naa kay anak pero wa kay bana? Kaulaw ani, Day. Motago gani unta ka karon, kay naa kas simbahan, makaulaw. Kay magpabunyag ka nga wa kay bana, nakigdug ka og laki nga di nimo bana. Nakadungog ka nako, Day? Di ka mauwaw? Dako kaayo ng uwaw.” (The child will bear the mistake. Hope you’ll think that this is not just about being happy and amused because the child is here. Yes, this is grace, but conceived through sin. This was not done through…Were you married, Day? (Girl shakes head) Oh, see, is she a good Christian? Is this something you can be proud of, Day? That you have a child, but have no husband? This is shameful, Day. You should have covered yourself, because you are in church, shameful. Because you want this baptism even without a husband, you slept with a man who was not your husband. Can you hear me, Day? Aren’t you ashamed? This is so shameless.)

Two days after the video goes viral, the said priest issued a public apology and a formal letter to the young mother.

Amalayer trends on social media: The story behind the tag

#Amalayer trends on Twitter: What was it all about?
By Kim Arveen Patria | Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom 

Filipino tweeps again had a field day as a video showing a Light Rail Transit (LRT) passenger seemingly haranguing a security guard made rounds online.

The video was posted on Facebook Tuesday by Gregory Paulo Llamoso, who said he caught the encounter using his camera when he was about to leave the LRT Santolan Station that same day.

"A loud voice caught my attention and all the people present there, ang lakas ng boses niya even she was small (She had loud voice for one so small)," Llamoso said. The video now has over 50,000 shares and over 12,000 "likes" as of this posting.

The video showed the passenger saying: "So now you're making me look like a liar? I'm a liar?"

"Ate, may pinag-aralan akong tao! Ginanon mo ako; I'm just returning the favor (I'm an educated person. You did that to me; I'm just returning the favor)," she added, gesturing that she was pushed.

Hours later, the hashtag #amalayer, which apparently comes from "I'm a liar", became a hit on social networking site Twitter. Paula Jamie Salvosa, which was floated as the passenger's name, also became a trending topic.

The man who caught the video admitted that he did not know the passenger's side of the story, but he added that a bystander told him that the guard scolded the woman for using the wrong entrance.

"Alam mo kung pano mo ako tinanong? Pano mo ako tinanong? 'Ate, anong problema mo?' (Do you know how you asked me? 'What's your problem?')" the passenger complained.

In his post, Llamoso highlighted the fact that the lady guard stayed calm and did not match the passenger's apparent fury.

"Buti nalang the lady guard exhibited the right behavior (The good thing is that the lady guard exhibited the right behavior)," Llamoso said.

"She did not fight back and she just kept cool and said her sorry. She didn’t even utter foul words against the bully passenger," he added.

Llamoso also said he approached the LRT office and asked that they take up the matter privately, even as he remarked that the passenger "degraded" the lady guard.

"[H]er arrogance and misplaced sense is a living proof that being a true woman requires more than just privileged education and breeding..." he added.

Source: Yahoo! News (Click here for more story)
Update of the Story (Click Here)

AFP Fake EMail

Armed Forces warns of fake Internet messages sent in its name

MANILA, Philippines—The Armed Forces of the Philippines warned the public Wednesday about an e-mail account purporting to be the military’s that sends messages supposedly from Camp Aguinaldo’s Public Affairs Office.

The AFP Public Affairs Office  identified the fake e-mail address as paoafp@ymail.com. The military information office’s real e-mail address is paoafp@gmail.com.

“It has come to our attention that a certain email account ‘paoafp@ymail.com’ suspected to be mimicking the correspondence procedures of our office has been sending unverified and suspicious information to our contacts,” a statement from the PAO AFP said.

The bogus e-mail was discovered last Monday, when the AFP PAO was alerted by a contact from the Department of National Defense who reported receiving “a suspicious email from paoafp@ymail.com,” the statement said.

The fake e-mail claimed to be “classified” correspondence that “should not be transmitted.” It attached a file that supposedly contained “the copy of PNOY’s remarks on ASEM.” A check by the Philippine Daily Inquirer showed that the attachment was an empty document.

President Benigno Aquino III was in Laos Nov. 5 and 6 for the 9th Asia-Europe Meeting.
“In view of the recent happening, the Public Affairs Office of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is sending this message to all of our contacts from the local and foreign media, private individuals, non-government organizations, and other partner agencies in order to warn them of the matter,” the statement said.

The PAO AFP also asked that anyone who has received e-mail from paoafp@ymail.com report it to its office by sending an e-mail to paoafp@gmail.com.

The military office also urged the public to be “very cautious when opening e-mails coming from anonymous and suspicious senders.”

 Source: Inquirer Technology

Filipino Reading Habbit

Do Pinoys wear the old coat and buy the new book? 

THE JOY OF READING. The Bible still reigns supreme. Screen grab from YouTube (The Joy of Books)THE JOY OF READING. The Bible still reigns supreme. Screen grab from YouTube (The Joy of Books)
MANILA, Philippines - I am a slow reader.

I savor the words, let phrases linger longer in the mouth.

But I read several books at a time.

Sometimes, 5 or 6. Sometimes, more.

I cannot read before going to bed because it makes me sleepy, even if the book’s a thriller.

The best reading time for me would be in the early morning, during waiting time or while on travel. 

These are some of my reading habits and behavior. And if you’re a smart book writer or publisher, you will find a way to get your hands on facts that pertain to your market’s reading attitudes and practices.

LINDA LUZ B. GUERRERO, VP and COO of Social Weather Stations (SWS) presents the results of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) Readership SurveyLINDA LUZ B. GUERRERO, VP and COO of Social Weather Stations (SWS) presents the results of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) Readership Survey
If publishers and writers knew, for instance, that there is more demand for books written in local dialects, then they can (and they should) produce more books that will cater to this need.

This is the aim of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) Readership Survey of 2012. In partnership with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL) and Vibal Foundation, NBDB commissioned the Social Weather Stations (SWS) to conduct a survey among Filipino readers to determine reading behavior and habits.

The results were presented to an audience composed mainly of book publishers in August in Pasig.
Why the book writers were not there is a whole story on its own, worthy of a separate write-up.
Since March 2003, NBDB has been conducting what NBDB chair Flor Marie Sta. Romana-Cruz described as the “most comprehensive survey on book readership in the country.” The second survey was undertaken in 2007. This year’s survey is the 3rd one.

Sta. Romana-Cruz believed that the results of the readership survey are useful for publishers, the Department of Education, mass media and the general public.

Bible still at number 1
A SLIDE FROM THE NBDB Readership Survey 2012 presentationA SLIDE FROM THE NBDB Readership Survey 2012 presentation
Linda Luz B. Guerrero, vice president and chief operating officer of Social Weather Stations (SWS) presented the results of the survey in 258 slides.

While some of the data didn’t quite reach me and I got lost in a haze of statistical jargon and technical obscuration, I believe I still managed to get the most important facts.

Here is a summary of the results of the 2012 NBDB Readership Survey:
  1. The average number of non-school books read by the respondents in the past 12 months is 6.
  2. The respondents read for information and knowledge. But based on this year’s survey results, more people are reading books for enjoyment.
  3. The top 3 on the list of “best-sellers” are: the bible, romance novels and cookbooks.
  4. At the very bottom are these categories: music, poetry, psychology and erotica.
  5. More respondents are reading books in Tagalog, next in English, and then Filipino. (Notice the distinction between Tagalog and Filipino.)
  6. 45% of respondents read Filipino authors only. 43% read foreign and Pinoy authors.
  7. When choosing books, the respondents are influenced by the blurb (44%), word of mouth (40%) and television (16%).
  8. The respondents get their non-school books by borrowing from others (47%), receiving them as gifts (44%), borrowing from the library (25%), renting (20%) or buying (16%).
  9. 16% of the respondents bought a non-school book in the last year. In 2007, the figure was 19%. In 2003, it was 22%.
  10. The number of non-school books purchased for personal reading in the last 12 months (mean) is 4.8.
  11. More people are now buying non-school books that are on sale, or at a discount.
  12. Of those who read non-school books, only 6% read e-books.
  13. Of those who read e-books, 34% started reading books in this format in 2011.
  14. 90% of respondents still prefer books that are printed and with the original cover 90%. The second preferred format is photocopied books, and the least preferred is digital or e-books.
  15. 86% say that books are not only good for school but also for daily activities.
  16. More respondents also consider books as good gifts.
  17. Respondents who watch TV, read newspapers, listen to the radio, watch DVD also read non-school books. All of the internet users surveyed read non-school books.
  18. Respondents who read non-school books declined in Visayas and Mindanao.
  19. Highest percentage of those who read non-school books are people who are single, college graduates and those with more income.
  20. Readers are getting younger. More readers are starting at 13 years old. (mean)
  21. Fact: Most people have time to read if they will choose to do so.
  22. Fact: Respondents believe that local books are written well.
  23. Fact: Books that look good (cover design, layout, etc.) are generally preferred.
What are we to do with these facts?
Sta. Romana-Cruz asked the heavy questions: What have we done, really, to promote reading and to package it as a worthwhile activity? How can we do a better job and move forward? How do we make reading more palatable?

(My question: Why should we? Reading is its own reward; it’s not something to be endured.)
With the kind of books we are producing (look around you and take a long look at bestsellers towers and displays in bookstores), what kind of readers are we creating?
DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL) Atty. Ricardo R. Blancaflor giving the closing remarksDIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHIL) Atty. Ricardo R. Blancaflor giving the closing remarks
I was chatting on Facebook yesterday with a writer friend who told me that he didn’t want to jump into the bandwagon. (He is a published, multi-awarded writer.)

I told him: At least more people are reading books, isn’t that a good thing?

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